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What is 16 leaves?

16 leaves is our publishing vertical. 16 page signature is a common printing term with regard to books. We pay special focus to children up to age 16 though we delight young adults & adult authors. Leaves indicate the budding phase of children before adulthood. The variety of colors denote the truth that each of us are different and have a unique talent. Sweet 16 is something that we always want to come back to, so should our clients to 16 leaves. Above all this, to make people ask us why “#16Leaves“?

What does 16 leaves do?

16 leaves is a publishing house that offers publishing, self-publishing and publishing support services. We also have personalized books specifically designed for young children & toddlers. Our parent company is called ThinkMines Media, which offers content solutions and project management services.

What is publishing?

The act of readying books and other material for sale is called publishing. At 16 leaves, the publishing wing takes in manuscripts that we consider of great quality and take the publishing forward at our effort and primarily, our expense. However, the author must pay an origination cost to help start the process.

What is self-publishing?

Publishing a work independently at an author’s own expense. For self-publishing, we have packages separately designed for adults and children. Authors have the option to choose any package they like.

Who can get their work published?

Anyone! If you have an original piece of work and an interest to publish, you can get your work published through 16 leaves. Although we cater to the general population, we have a keen interest in ‘child authors’.

What is eBook?

EBook is an electronic version of a book. Any print copy can be made into an eBook, so it can be read using any electronic device. EBooks are quite the trend nowadays!

What is a personalized book?

Personalized books are designed for children under the age of 7. These books contain short stories with graphics and illustrations, which a child is meant to be part of. Therefore, the child will be one of the characters of the story. If you view the personalized books tab, you will notice blanks in the story. This is where the child’s name will be filled. The child will also be known as the author of the book that he or she is a part of.

These books make a lovely addition to a child’s library and are also useful as personalized gifts for a party of children.

How do I decide which self-publishing package is best for me?

Consider the kind of manuscript you have written, what services it may require to look its best and the price while choosing a package. If you need help or would like to customize your package, we are here to help you. With 16 leaves, even children have special packages to choose from.

Are books published by 16 leaves of a global standard?

Yes, we follow globally recognized processes and guidelines and are on a par with international printing and publishing standards.

What is ISBN?

International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a unique 10 digit number assigned to every non-serial publication sold in trade. It is also a Universal Product Code (UPC). An ISBN number is very useful for ordering, listing, sales recording and stock controlling purposes. It helps in identifying the registrant as well as the title, edition and format of a book. Each book made by us will be assigned a unique ISBN number. ISBN numbers for print and eBooks will be different. For more info see: