The Rose That Wilted
The Rose That Wilted
The Grace Grincen Series
ISBN 9789395986908
 Publication Date
  Pages 360





Grace, a broken-hearted, abandoned and lonely child of unknown parents loses her only shelter and love of the family that raised her. She suddenly finds herself among the greatest Enchanters the world has ever seen. Persecuted, betrayed, charmed, bullied and accepted by a few noble souls, she finds a temporary sense of solace. Grace trains under the most powerful trainers but fails repeatedly. There is someone she looks up to. Strangely, something holds them apart. Peace breaks and hell is unleashed when the Effigy of Geventen gets stolen by the dark forces of N.S. Grace pledges to fight to the hilt. But what secrets is she carrying? Will her friendships survive the odds? Will Grace be able to escape from her eternal enemies? Will she realize her special powers? Let’s read the very first adventure of the Grace Grincen series and enter Geventen’s magical world with Grace.

Ananya Padwal is an enthusiastic writer with a penchant for creating surreal worlds. Writing is her passion and she writes for hours at a stretch. A professionally trained classical dancer and singer, she also learns piano and violin from Trinity College London of Music. With over three years of continuous effort and hard work, Ananya has created a unique world in her electrifying upcoming series. She plans to start her sequel to the debut novel soon, as she cannot wait to pick up the pen and mess up the pages with her innovative ideas. Enter Ananya’s dream world and be prepared to be doused in enigma and enchantment.
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