Police in Blunderland
Police in Blunderland
ISBN 9789395986748
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Telling it like it is. By a cop, about cops and Policing – and a few other things. So, is the book all about a brave new world or fire and- brimstone? Is it all bravery or cowardice-and corruption? Is it a tell-all? Is it glorifying the service or lampooning it? Maybe, it’s all that, in parts … but, it’s also about finding something to laugh at in the direst situations and the grimmest events. And compassion. And a certain detached nonchalance while “looking death in the eye” – on the professional and the personal front.

BIBHUTI DASH graduated from HinduCollege, Delhi and went on to do an MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore before joining the Indian Police Service after a few years in the corporate sector. Later, he also completed Master in Public Management split between National University of Singapore and Harvard University and Master of Philosophy from Indian Institute of Public Administration, Delhi. Dash superannuated as Director General of Police. He writes about his life experiences, incidents and experiences gathered in his jobs which included Policing, corporate career and United Nations deputations, social and societal issues and anything which lends itself to a lighter take within a serious or not-so-serious paradigm. His articles have been published in leading newspaper op-eds.
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