Ticky Tock and Other Tales
Ticky Tock and Other Tales
A to Z Alphabet Stories
ISBN 9789395986496
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How good are you at getting your toddler or young kid to learn their first lessons of life! If you are scratching your head everyday trying to think of new and innovative ways to retain your naughty but curious kid’s attention, Ticky Tock and Other Tales is a wonderful solution for your evenings of being an impactful teacher to your child. Know this joyful way of telling kids about the omnipresent 26 letters of the English alphabet and build their word bank too. Meet Mr. Ticky Tock of the tiger school, Jazzy joker with his magic tricks at jackal’s birthday party, Pooky panda and Porky pig and let them to do the job of teaching your kid for you. Fall in love with innocent childhood tales. Experience how joyful teaching can be with Anjali’s new book in town.

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Table of Contents
Appy Ape, Ally Alligator and Mr. Ant
Beekoo’s Garden Party
Coco the Cat
Dot, the Dog
Eggy the Egg and his Engine
Fish, Frog and Fox
Gambo the Gorilla
Hippo, Hen and Horse
Ikky the Insect and her Itchy Feet
Jazzy the Joker
Kangaroo and Koala
Lazoo, the Lazy Lion
Meekoo the Monkey
Nina and the Nightingale
Ocky Octopus and Olly Otter
Pooky Panda and Porky Pig
Quackety Quack and Quail
Rhino, Rabbit and Mr. Rat
Sing-Sing, the Sea Lion and her little pup
Mr. Ticky Tock, the Tiger
Unka Trunka and little Brella
Vazzu the Vase and Vama
Waloo Whale and Wally Walrus
Exxy and her Tooth X-ray
A Yak called Mr. Yackety Yak
Zippy the Zebra and Zoozooloo
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Anjali Mandal studied at Modern School, Barakhamba road, New Delhi, and at Lawrence School, Sanawar, Himachal Pradesh. She completed her graduation from Hindu College, Delhi University. Anjali decided to follow her father’s and grandfather’s profession by becoming a chartered accountant, starting at Oxford Brookes University, followed by three years in London with a firm of chartered accountants. After four interesting years, she decided it was not for her and came back to Delhi to pursue her passion for teaching. She taught for almost two decades as a nursery teacher in a reputed school in Delhi. Over the years, she found that she had become a master at storytelling, mimicry, and even acting while teaching and entertaining her young students. She noticed that kids loved listening to her stories and watching the puppet shows which she wrote and conducted. She wrote several plays for older children as well. Thus, she embarked upon her new quest. Shifting from her teaching job, Anjali formed a partnership firm in 2019 to conduct teacher training workshops for primary school teachers. Ticky Tock and Other Tales came to life during one of the pandemic lockdowns when she was recovering from Covid. She lives in Delhi with her mother and children.
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