The Gang of Six plus One
The Gang of Six plus One
ISBN 9789395986410-epub
 Publication Date
  Pages 76





This mystical children’s adventure story is set with the Himalayas as the backdrop. The young twelve-year-old, adventurous Igashu hails from the scenic Dibang Valley in Arunachal Pradesh. Smitten by wanderlust and lured by what lies beyond the Himalayas, his gang of six plan meticulously to cross the mountain ranges to explore the land and people past the magnificent mountains. The treacherous landscape, terrifying animals and unpredictable weather expose them to new challenges. Just when everything was going as planned, fate intervenes, making the adventure take an unexpected turn.

This spirited adventure is a tale of friendship and trust. The children and their faithful guide finally return home to a tumultuous welcome and merrymaking. The following day, Igashu wakes up, startled by his dream. His eyes glisten with excitement as a broad smile spreads across his face. Is a new adventure in the offing?

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