Kidzational Grammar Book
Kidzational Grammar Book
Grade 2-3
Subject(s): Non-Fiction, Academic
ISBN 9789394831490
 Publication Date
  Pages 38





English grammar can be tricky to master but worksheets are best options for students as it helps them to learn, practice and use grammar better. Using correct grammar is important because it is the main feature of oral and written language. Correct grammar makes reading and listening easier for students to understand and makes communication effective. Worksheets are effective and created to ensure holistic learning of a specific topic, includes concepts and questions. It makes students learn in efficient manner and builds up their confidence. BOOK PROVIDES: - ● Interesting worksheets on each topic ● Models or samples how to do the activity (instructions with examples) ● Helps to increase cognitive domain and logical thinking ● Improves concepts of learning ● Positive reinforcement for the children ● Helps to monitor the progress of their own learning

Front Cover
1. Homophones
2. Prefix
3. Suffix
4. Tenses (Present, Past, Future)
5. Articles
6. Capitalization
7. Punctuation
8. R-controlled (-ir, -or, -er, -ar, -ur)
9. Silent letter
10. Compound words
11. Digraph
12. Adjective (Quality; Quantity: Demonstrative; interrogative)
13. Verb
14. Homonym
Answer Key
Back Cover
Pooja Arora holds a bachelor’s degree in Developmental Counselling with a specialization in Human Development from Sir Vithaldas Thackersey College of Home Science, Mumbai. Pooja has counselled over 156 children in need of care and protection in childcare institutions and has assisted and advised the Child Welfare Committees in critical cases. The idea that led Pooja to co-author and develop the Kidzational Grammar Book was largely due to her work experiences as an E-learner and Remedial Educator at Madhyamik Vidyalyam, Mankhurd in 2019-20. Pooja observed that children enjoyed learning through play and fun creative worksheet methods, which facilitated holistic development of children, especially those in the childcare system.
Yesudas Naidu, Head- Partnership Development Yesudas joined IJM Mumbai in January 2010 and has since served in various leadership roles within the organization. He has sought and sustained partnerships with the Department of Women and Child Development, Maharashtra State Child Rights Commission, the Maharashtra State Commission for Women, Child Welfare Committees, Prerana, Children’s Aid Society, Forum Against Child Sexual Exploitation, and Vipla Foundation (STCI) through various project based partnerships. He has been instrumental in developing opportunities to work in collaboration with numerous organizations towards system reform and for advocating for the rights of sex-trafficking victims. Yesudas holds a Bachelor of Commerce from MS University, Baroda and completed his Master’s in Social Work at Nirmala Niketan, University of Mumbai. Currently he is responsible for the management and execution of a Global Fund to End Modern Slavery Grant and serves as the Head of Partnerships Development team at IJM Mumbai.
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