Thanjai Valartha Bharathakalai
Thanjai Valartha Bharathakalai
Subject(s): Artforms/Dance,
ISBN 9789394831155
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  Pages 246


Dr. Smt Kalrani Ramachandran is a versatile artist. Shee is proficient in many arts like Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Mohiniyattam, painting, cooking, elocution, jewelry, clothing, design etc. She started teaching Bharatanatyam at a young age. She did her Masters in Dance from the University of Baroda. She is credited with conducting the first dance festival in Madurai. In the field of education, she has been a member of Madurai Kamarasar University and Chennai Textbook Committee. She has received Srunkaramani, Natya Ratna, Natyakalaimamani, Kripananda Variyar Award, Nandadeepam Award and many other awards. She has also published books on dance like Bharatanatyam In Tamil Nadu, Dance Drums Of Thanjavur, Nritta-Kinesiology, and Thanjai Valartha Bharathakali. She is currently teaching dance to disabled children. She creates and trains a dance form called Nrittyobics, suitable for women.
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