Shades of Love
Subject(s): Fiction, Romance
ISBN 9789390508839
 Publication Date
  Pages 100




Love a beautiful and unique phenomenon that has touched us all. The experience of being able to express your love is to be cherished and savoured gradually. This collection of short stories showcases how heart-warming and beautiful love can be. Be one with the characters as they mature and move forward together expressing their love. Rejoice as the gentle stories unfold and hopefully inspire young adults to love without a care in this world. Glow as the mature minds get transported back in time to the moment when they fell in love for the very first time. Put your faith in love, that’s all that really matters.

Rahul Subramanian is a second-year student pursuing Liberal Arts and Humanities. Born and raised in Chennai, he is a die-hard romantic at heart! When he is not writing love stories, you are likely to find him watching and often crying over emotional movies. He started writing while in his eighth grade, gradually building on his treasure of fiction and romance. Iro is his first book. Rahul aspires to leave an indelible footprint in the genre of Romantic literature.
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