The Adventure of a Pirate and his Friends
The Adventure of a Pirate and his Friends
Subject(s): Fiction, Adventure
ISBN 9788193284483
 Publication Date
  Pages 18



This is a story about the adventure of a pirate and his friends. The book describes how the pirates solve their problems and also has lot of morals.

Kevin John is a 4th grade student of Kendra Vidyalaya School, Meenambakkam, Chennai. He recently won first prize in the Tamil Nadu category of the 10th All India K.V. Child Art Exhibition, a drawing competition. This energetic 8-year old keeps himself busy with a variety of hobbies such as drawing, coloring, coin collecting, crafting, cycling with his dad, playing and watching cricket. Being a self-learner, Kevin taught himself to play drums, both manual and electronic, and often entertains audiences at camps and retreats. He loves to help others and, not surprisingly, his short story is also about helping one another. Happy reading!
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