Uncovering the Mystery of Alien Light Speed Flying Saucers
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49: How do UFOs guard against us earthlings?

In 1985, at that time, it was the night when aliens came to my house to find me. I was brought out by them. An alien watched me approach her, instinctively retreating and keeping a distance from me. It seemed that aliens were on guard and wary of us earthlings.

Aliens who arrive on Earth or other inhabited planets must be prepared for attack, and they usually use two methods to defend themselves.

One type is remote consciousness interference and control.

Aliens flying a UFO prepare to land at a certain place on Earth, and they will use field scanning technology to scan the environment of the prepared landing site in advance. They usually choose to land in a sparsely populated area to prevent us Earthlings from discovering them.

This field scanning technology can not only see a scene in a place, but also move objects at high speeds (up to the speed of light), which can remotely interfere with a person’s consciousness, read the consciousness information in their brain, and if necessary, modify their consciousness information remotely.

The artificial field scanning device for processing information generally has low power, complex structure, and complex software programs to serve. Artificial field scanning devices that make objects move generally have high power, simpler structure, and simpler software programs to serve.

When a witness sees an alien in the distance and the alien does not notice the Earth, there is a high possibility that the alien’s appearance is real, but what is seen in the distance is generally not clear enough. From the incidents of encountering aliens around the world, there are very few that can clearly describe the image of aliens.

Aliens, in order to prevent harm and understanding from Earth humans when suddenly encountering them, generally interfere and control their thinking remotely.

If remote interference with the thinking of Earthlings is unsuccessful, in order not to expose oneself, one may also engage in actions that harm Earthlings. So, we earthlings should not deliberately approach aliens. Aliens sometimes catch Earthlings for experiments, but due to negligence, they may kill them or be too lazy to send them back, which can also cause harm to them.

Aliens like to remotely interfere with and modify their thinking when dealing with Earthlings. They do not like to use violent means such as killing or annihilating to solve problems. They prefer to use covert and quiet means to manipulate human thinking and consciousness, which is one of their characteristics. However, in certain special circumstances, they may also harm humans.

There are reports that witnessing the scene of an alien UFO has led to serious inconsistencies among many people, many of which are the result of extraterrestrial intervention in human thinking.

Aliens flying flying saucers in the air use high-power artificial field scanning devices to defend against sudden attacks such as Earth fighter jets and missiles, mainly causing changes in the position of the aircraft and missiles, physical damage, or damage to electronic equipment.

The artificial field scanning technology of aliens not only has the ability to process information, but also has the function of causing objects to move and excite [i.e., causing the mass and charge of objects to disappear to zero and move at the speed of light], and even has the ability to cause objects to suddenly disappear and move away from sealed environments.

Aliens also use artificial fields to protect their UFOs, and their UFOs use these invisible materials to protect themselves, just like the gravitational field, electromagnetic field and atmosphere on the surface of the earth to protect themselves. So, many Earthlings’ shells and missiles have no effect on flying saucers.

In addition to an artificial field protection layer outside, alien UFOs also have a certain ability to protect themselves.

When a UFO arrives on Earth, it is generally placed in a quasi excited state. Due to the fact that the mass of the UFO is close to zero at this time, according to mechanical principles, the collision force between the UFO and other objects is almost zero.

When missiles and shells come into contact with a flying saucer, the force on the saucer is almost zero. From another perspective, we can think that the force on the saucer caused by missiles and shells is zero and no longer effective.

The friction between the flying saucer and the air is zero, so it can fly at high speed and silently in the air. The flying saucer has no force on the air, and human shells and missiles have no effect on the flying saucer.

However, there is a limit to this, as the explosion of a missile may also cause changes in the spatiotemporal state of the flying saucer, resulting in a certain degree of damage to the saucer.

For example, when encountering a planet during a flying saucer, it is also necessary to avoid it. Otherwise, if the saucer collides with the planet, the theoretical collision force is zero. However, it may cause a change in the zero mass spacetime state of the saucer, further leading to accidents.

Below are examples of Earthlings attacking UFOs.

On July 24, 1957, a group of Soviet MiG-16 fighter jets were conducting combat exercises over an artillery base in the Kuril Islands. Suddenly, a triangular flying object flew towards the aircraft cluster at high speed, suddenly stopping at a distance of 300 meters and quietly hanging in the air, leaving several pilots who witnessed the scene stunned.

The ground command center hastily ordered: immediately stay away from the danger zone! The triangular monster turned its buttocks and spewed a huge tongue of fire towards the group of planes. The nearest plane caught fire, and the pilot quickly parachuted, while the other planes quickly flew away in all directions.

Immediately retaliate with artillery fire! “The ground commander ordered all the artillery fire on the island to be aimed at the flying object, firing one shell.

But never a single shot hit the target! The flying object flew away from the artillery attack area at an extremely fast speed and disappeared from people’s sight within a few seconds.

On October 8, 1956, a UFO suddenly appeared near Okinawa Island, Japan. Coincidentally, a Western Allied fighter jet hit a live fire target nearby, and the responsive gunners immediately fired at it. It was puzzling that the UFO threads remained intact after the shell exploded, while the “first to attack” fighter jet shattered into fragments, resulting in the destruction of the aircraft and fatalities.

One day in August 1966, a UFO was stranded near a missile base in the western United States for a long time. After a shrewd American had fully filmed the footage, they activated almost all the missile launch devices at the base. Surprisingly, the UFO was unharmed, while all the devices collapsed at the same time.

One of the most advanced devices was suddenly melted into a pile of scrap iron by a magical beam of radiation! “American scientists rushed to study, and their conclusion was that the restoration of advanced missile launch devices to scrap iron may be something similar to human high pulse.

On September 24, 1957, the former Soviet Union opened fire on three UFOs from an anti-aircraft artillery battalion on the Far East island of Sakhalin. The three “monsters” hovered in the air unavoidably amidst the gunfire, allowing the Soviet people’s toy like artillery fire to shoot without damaging their feathers.

Another time, a UFO appeared over a missile base in Central Asia, and a missile with automatic tracking targets aimed at it. At the moment of launch, the missile exploded on its own, allowing former Soviet soldiers to taste their own missiles.

In the early 1950s, in the Far East region of the former Soviet Union, UFOs were attacked by surface to air missiles. Kobaijin, a former Soviet pilot, tried to fly a fighter plane through a cloud that looked like a disc shaped flying saucer during a flight. Before he could get close to it, the plane began to shake violently, as if the plane had completely stopped flying, or walked through meteorite rain.

There was a piercing noise in his earphones, and his ears began to ache. He had to take off his flying hat, making it difficult for him to resist the sudden torment. Before he could reach the clouds, he was forced to return home. Other pilots have also encountered similar situations.

In the 1970s, two “Phantom” fighter jets attempted to pursue a flying saucer over the Iranian capital Tehran. However, as soon as the saucer entered the airborne missile missile, it was a high-speed flying weapon equipped with warheads and power devices that could be guided. At effective range, the electronic launch system of the missile on board suddenly malfunctioned, and when the distance between them exceeded the effective range, everything returned to normal.

In the autumn of 1972, the commander of the Norwegian navy was convinced that at least one or several USOs (English abbreviation for unidentified submerged object) who often haunted this sea area were ambushed underwater. The incident occurred in the Songen Fjord in Norway: the waters between the two islands.

The Norwegian navy dropped several depth bombs in the waters where unidentified submerged object often haunt, trying to drive these “uninvited visitors” out of the water. Strangely, the Navy’s continuous activities for several days have not yielded any results. At this moment, some mysterious UFOs emerged from nowhere, hovering over the Norwegian Navy. Suddenly, all the electronic devices on the warship malfunctioned.

In fact, those unidentified submerged object have already fled. Later, the Norwegian navy launched modern “killer” torpedoes with high hit rate to some unidentified submerged object. Surprisingly, these technologically unparalleled anti submarine torpedoes not only failed to hit their targets, but instead sank into the sea like rocks, disappeared without a trace.

After countless failures, scientists conducting research on UFOs give advice:

When you are fortunate or unlucky to encounter a UFO, do not try to “take action first”, because you are using a slingshot to show your bravery to a tank, it will be fearless, and you may even lose your life!