Uncovering the Mystery of Alien Light Speed Flying Saucers
ISBN 9788119316601




41: Is the principle of flying a UFO piloted by different aliens the same?

Recently, some netizens have sent me a lot of information about extraterrestrial contact on Earth, most of which are foreign. Many contacts have mentioned that extraterrestrial interstellar spacecraft are flying saucers, and they have also talked about the principles of flying saucers.

In summary, the principles of flying saucers mentioned by these people are spirituality, consciousness, mind control, spatial wormholes, spatial folding, spatial jumping, distorted space, portal, magnetodynamics, laser, anti gravity, etc.

From the information I have, the above UFO principles are either incorrect or too vague and have no real meaning.

A netizen asked me, are there many types of extraterrestrial beings in the universe? Are their interstellar spacecraft all flying saucers? If they are all flying saucers, are their flight principles the same?

There are many types of extraterrestrial beings in the universe, far more than people imagine.

However, the aliens on this planet explicitly state that all interstellar spacecraft are flying saucers, and the principle of flying saucers is the same.

The principle of extraterrestrial light speed flying saucers is expressed in Chinese as follows:

Any object in the universe, as long as its mass is reduced to zero, suddenly moves at the speed of light in the moment it becomes zero without the need for additional force.

Moreover, in an ideal state where there are no other obstacles, the flying saucer will continue to inertial fly at the speed of light in space.

The principle of rocket and aircraft flight on Earth is acceleration motion, while alien flying saucers are mass added motion.

When asked if there are any more powerful modes of flight in the universe, the alien answered yes,

Then you need to find the third mode of motion in the universe

Is there a third way of exercising? They replied that they didn’t know.