Uncovering the Mystery of Alien Light Speed Flying Saucers
ISBN 9788119316601




40: How much does it cost to create an alien UFO?

Recently, several executives from private research and development companies asked me on WeChat how much it would cost to develop an alien light speed flying saucer?

The aliens said that the cost of developing the first atomic bomb on Earth is approximately the same.

The United States developed an atomic bomb for the first time, with an investment of approximately 4 billion US dollars, which is equivalent to tens of billions of US dollars now. With such a large investment, many private company bosses immediately lost interest.

To develop a flying saucer, it is necessary to develop corresponding control software. The driving of a flying saucer is automated by a computer program, as the speed is too fast for humans to drive.

Mature products also need to consider factors such as safety, so it requires significant investment to produce them.

The development of flying saucers and artificial fields has a huge impact on humanity and is suitable for national investment and development. For decades, I have also contacted relevant units, but unfortunately, they even asked me to get out before I could explain my intentions, often without communication.

In fact, scientific research and product development cannot be profitable until products are produced. Once you achieve phased results and have the technology, it can make money.

Although there are many applications of artificial field scanning technology, there is only one key experiment: changing the electromagnetic field to generate positive and anti gravitational field.

If the experiment has made a change, the electromagnetic field will produce an anti gravitational field and illuminate the object, so that the mass of the object will be reduced without separation.

The success of this experiment means that you have mastered the anti gravitational field technology, which can be regarded as a phased achievement. You can use this achievement as a stock to seek greater investment, and of course, you can also sell this technology.

Boeing Company of the United States once offered hundreds of millions of dollars to buy this anti gravitational field [Boeing Company wants anti gravity technology, in fact, the real value is anti gravitational field technology, because anti gravity can not change the mass of objects, but anti gravitational field can] technology.

Open a car and a computer, and you will find that many parts are produced by different manufacturers. Humanity has moved towards a highly cooperative society. Scientific research is also highly collaborative in society.

As long as the experiment of changing the electromagnetic field to produce an anti gravitational field is successful, you can use this technology to make money in partnership with people without flying saucers and other products.

The experiment of changing electromagnetic field to produce gravitational field may be solved by investing millions of RMB.

I welcome friends from all walks of life to cooperate in the research and development of alien flying saucers and related products of artificial field scanning technology, and to cooperate in the experiment of changing electromagnetic field into gravitational field. If you are interested, please add me to WeChat.