Uncovering the Mystery of Alien Light Speed Flying Saucers
ISBN 9788119316601




35: Why are Earthlings’ weapons helpless against UFOs?

On the morning of February 25, 1942, at 10 o’clock, a formation of 24 different flying objects in the shape of discs appeared over a position of an artillery company in the eastern suburbs of Los Angeles, United States. Americans fired with dozens of anti-aircraft guns, and over 2000 shells emitted brilliant sparks.

But UFOs are still flying in an orderly manner in the air.

On January 7, 1948, US Captain Mantell led four jet fighters to take off from Knox Louisville Air Force Base in Kentucky. Their mission was to track and shoot down a UFO.

Shortly after, the captain reported to the base command tower, saying, “... it keeps spinning rapidly at a height of 12000 meters. I tried to get closer and fire... It suddenly accelerated and fled northeast at an extremely fast speed. Now I must...”. The brave and skilled flying captain wanted to say, ‘Now I must fire.’.

But the report came to a sudden halt here, followed by the captain and his battled eagle crashing to the ground, igniting a raging fire.

The reason for this is that aliens use artificial field technology, which can generate an invisible material called a field to block human attacks. Your weapon attacks this invisible material, which can silently resolve your attack and attack you silently.