Uncovering the Mystery of Alien Light Speed Flying Saucers
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29: How to understand the zero mass and wall piercing effect of flying saucers?

Many people believe that if the quality of a flying saucer has become zero, isn’t it just that it has fallen apart? Will it become like dust?

In fact, the fact that the mass is zero is a relativistic effect, where people outside the UFO believe that the mass is zero, while those inside the UFO believe that there is no change in the mass of the UFO and their own body.

In the unified field theory, mass, charge, electric field, magnetic field, gravitational field, force and energy are all motion effects. The movement state is observed by the observer, so the mass, charge, electric field, magnetic field, gravitational field, force and energy are closely related to the observation of the observer.

One person said that there was mass, charge, electric field, magnetic field, gravitational field, force and energy in the object, while another said that there was no mass, charge, electric field, magnetic field, force and energy in the object. Both of them may be correct. Mass, charge, electric field, magnetic field, gravitational field, force and energy cannot be regarded as absolute existence

There is a character on the ground. One person says it’s a character, while the other person says it’s a character. It’s impossible to determine exactly what character it is, and it’s meaningless to want to be certain.

Mass, charge, electromagnetic field, gravitational field, energy, etc. are all motion effects. Since motion belongs to space-time change, it can also be called space-time effect.

The word ‘relativity’ in relativity means that all physical quantities must be relative to a specific observer in order to have meaning. It is meaningless to not specify which observer

All physical quantities are described by us, so they are closely related to us.

In the unified field theory, my view of my space and my time is different from your view of your own space and time, which further extends to a series of differences in mass, charge, electromagnetic field, gravitational field and ability. This is the most powerful idea of unified field theory, but it is difficult for the public to understand.

The unified field theory also suggests that a flying saucer, when in a zero mass excited state relative to our observer, will suddenly move at the speed of light relative to us.

If the mass of the UFO becomes close to zero, it will be in a quasi excited state. In this case, the UFO will still be stationary, but we can directly penetrate through the shell of this UFO.

This quasi excitation effect can cause people to pass through walls, and both humans and walls are intact. Aliens apply this effect on a large scale, and this happens billions of times a day on their planet.

Many people believe that people can pass through walls because, according to relativity, objects move at the speed of light and the length of space in the direction of motion is reduced to zero, without occupying any space, so they can pass through.

Is a person moving at the speed of light when passing through a wall, or is the wall moving at the speed of light?

In fact, it is not necessary for people or walls to move at the speed of light. By changing the number of displacement bars in the space around people and walls, the goal of people passing through walls can also be achieved.

Many people have doubts: what to do when people and walls overlap?

Particles in atoms occupy less than a few hundred billionths of space, and under normal circumstances, people passing through walls are blocked by electromagnetic forces.

Some people believe that if a person can pass through a wall, the atoms in their body should also be able to cross each other, and that person will collapse. If there is no force between people and walls when they cross each other, but the force inside the people and walls remains unchanged, how can this be achieved. So, if a person can penetrate a wall, it should be because the wall has cracked.

In reality, using the quasi excitation effect, when a person passes through a wall, every atom can pass through.

This force is relative, but human habitual thinking still regards force as acting as a whole.

This is difficult to understand.

Some netizens believe that:

Assuming that the person is A, the atoms on the person are A1 and A2, the wall is B, and the atoms on the wall are B1 and B2.

When passing through a wall, there is a force between A1 and A2, and there is also a force between B1 and B2. Why does A1 have no force on B1 and B2, and A2 has no force on B1 and B2?

Normally, A1A and 2 have been irradiated, so there should be no force between A1 and A2?

We use field scanning to irradiate a flying saucer, causing it and us to be in an excited state. The interaction force between the saucer and our body is zero, but we did not make the two objects in the saucer in an excited state relative to each other. Therefore, it is still not possible for people inside the saucer to pass through the outer shell of the saucer.

Field scanning irradiates the flying saucer, making it appear to us that it is in the excited state. However, the observer inside the flying saucer thinks that the flying saucer is not in the excited state relative to itself, so it is not possible for him to pass through the shell of the flying saucer, but we can pass through the shell of the flying saucer, because the flying saucer is in the excited state relative to us.

Many people have the wrong idea that when we make a UFO in the excited state relative to us, the UFO must be in the excited state relative to the driver inside the UFO.

The UFO is in the excited state relative to us, but it is not necessarily that the UFO will be in the excited state relative to the other part of the UFO.

For a UFO, we use field scanning irradiation to make the UFO in quasi excited state, so that we can directly penetrate the shell of the UFO, but people inside the UFO cannot penetrate the UFO, because the inside of the UFO is not in the same time and space as us.

Someone asked, how can we make an object in a quasi excited state?

We can first use field scanning to scan the object in front of us, so that it is in a quasi excited state with us. In the future, whether the object is fused with us or close to us, it can maintain zero force with us.

Manipulating spatial motion with a field is equivalent to manipulating motion with time and space, because the essence of a field is spatial motion, field effect, and spatial motion effect.

These problems require a rigorous mathematical approach to prove step by step, but language alone cannot explain them clearly.

Your space and my space, although different, can be changed through field scanning to make them consistent, or to make spatiotemporal space that was originally consistent inconsistent. Specifically, strict mathematics is required to describe this, which requires familiarity with the Lorentz transformation.

Ordinary people have always thought that only motion can make us in different inertial systems. In fact, the anti gravitational field can make us in different inertial systems by affecting the speed of light space around objects, even if we are indeed stationary relative to the wall.

Many people think that there is only one way to change the inertial system, that is, motion. In fact, there is another way, that is, to use the anti gravitational field to change the speed of light space around objects.

What is a gravitational field is the acceleration of space itself. When an object is in such a moving space, it is equivalent to an object moving in space,

Changing the mass of matter does not require the conservation of relativistic mass energy, and the threshold is much lower than what people imagine. The energy required to change the mass of an object by gradually increasing its motion speed can be calculated using the mass energy equation.

The essence of physics is motion, which depends on the inertial frame in which the observer is located. Changing the motion (changing the inertial frame) can change the world you see. So, as long as one can accurately control the movements of the observer or the observed point by point, one can create an incredible world relative to this observer.

Unified field theory is an upgraded product of relativity, with the shadow of relativity. The core of unified field theory is the divergent motion of the speed of light in the surrounding space of an object

It is the standard model theory that shifts human attention away from the time and space of relativity and onto object particles, thus leading modern physics to a dead end.