Uncovering the Mystery of Alien Light Speed Flying Saucers
ISBN 9788119316601




27: Why does a UFO have strange light?

UFO not only has a strong magnetic field, but also emits many strange lights. UFO emits monochromatic constant light, polychromatic variable light, normal light, solid light (that is, the beam can contract or bend arbitrarily, and even appear serrated), some beams have perspective ability (that is, after illuminating an object, it can become transparent), some can inhale a person into the UFO, and some can cause paralysis or disability.

Flying saucers can emit light that moves forward step by step, light that can bend, and produce very dense light.

I saw the light emitted by their flying saucers shining on the ground, very bright like silver water sprinkled on the ground, but unlike the bright beams of light in the air that we humans have on Earth, it is vividly referred to as cold light by some witnesses.

This is the artificial field scanning space of aliens, so that the dust in the air is in the excited state and does not collide with the photons in the beam. So, extraterrestrial beams can directly avoid dust and particles in the air, but cannot illuminate them.

However, the artificial field scanning can not make the ground in the excited state when it shines on the ground, so the light beam collides with the ground, and the person looks very bright.

Sucking people in is also done using an artificial field, not just light absorption. Flying saucers can generate artificial fields with a certain amount of power. Sometimes, the scanning of artificial fields can stimulate the air to produce light, and people mistakenly believe that light has sucked people away.

The essence of artificial field scanning technology is to manipulate space artificially, causing the beam of light in space to bend and present many strange shapes.

If humans master artificial field technology, they can also manipulate space and produce many incredible effects.

Space moves at the speed of light at all times, and the essence of light is the acceleration of electrons, causing mass and charge to disappear and be in an excited state. Photons are stationary in space and move together with space. If humans master artificial field scanning technology, they can manipulate space and make light beams appear in strange forms.