Uncovering the Mystery of Alien Light Speed Flying Saucers
ISBN 9788119316601




22: Why does a UFO have high speed and high maneuverability? Why can I turn at a right angle

Bend flight?

UFO sightings worldwide often report high-speed and high maneuverability of UFOs. It can have extremely high acceleration, can turn and fly at “right angles” or “sharp angles” - anti inertia, and the Earth’s gravity seems to have no effect on it.

Flying saucers can not only vertically lift, hover or reverse, but also fly at high speeds, some reaching speeds of 24000 kilometers per hour (Mach 20), and some even higher, which is beyond the reach of existing artificial aircraft.

The high-speed of flying saucers is because their flight principle is different from aircraft and other aircraft.

We know that when turning at right angles, the theoretical acceleration is infinite, and this is because the mass of the UFO is close to zero.

The flying state of a flying saucer is the same as luminescence. We know that when light shines on glass and is reflected back, the acceleration is close to infinity. The situation of a flying saucer is similar, and the motion equations of light and flying saucer are mathematically speaking, the change in velocity [i.e. acceleration] is discontinuous.