Uncovering the Mystery of Alien Light Speed Flying Saucers
ISBN 9788119316601




16: How did the UFO fly when it reached the sky above Earth? How did you drive it again?

The UFO reaches the sky above Earth and is in a quasi excited state. It can move at a normal speed and can fly in any direction, flying sideways.

In this case, will it be possible to install a regular engine and stir the air to fly, as some of us speculate?

Actually not.

The alien’s method is to make the flying saucer transition from the quasi excited state to the excited state, so that the flying saucer moves at the speed of light. However, the set flight time is extremely short, so that after flying a very small distance, the flying saucer returns to the quasi excited state, and then transits from the quasi excited state to the excited state, and then flies a small distance. The flying saucer repeatedly changes its flight state to fly. This flight mode is also controlled by computer programs or assisted by control.

One advantage of flying saucers is that they do not require additional engine installation.

Flying saucers fly over Earth in this way. From the outside, they can fly at any speed and exhibit no inertia. They can turn at right angles and have extremely high maneuverability, making their flight trajectory extremely eerie.

When we humans on Earth are not aware of the flight principle of extraterrestrial flying saucers, seeing the strange flying mode of flying saucers above Earth must feel extremely incredible.