Uncovering the Mystery of Alien Light Speed Flying Saucers
ISBN 9788119316601




5: Do flying saucers require enormous energy?

Many people ask: does flying a UFO require enormous energy?

From the above analysis, the mass change of a flying saucer requires energy. If the relativistic mass energy equation E = mc is used, the required energy 2 The energy required to turn the mass of a 5-ton flying saucer to zero is enormous, reaching trillions of kilowatt hours of electricity.

With such a large amount of energy, many people believe that flying saucers cannot exist.

The above calculation is based on acceleration motion, and the speed of a flying saucer gradually increases from zero to near the speed of light, which indeed requires so much energy.

However, the change of the mass of the flying saucer is not achieved by changing the speed [that is, the acceleration], but by using the anti gravitational field to offset the number of the original spatial displacement of the speed of light movement in the space around the flying saucer, which does not require so much energy at all.

Many psychic individuals shake pills out of sealed bottles or cause objects to teleport to another location, which is true, indicating that reducing the mass of a UFO to zero does not require much energy at all.

When aliens fly at the speed of light, they are also inertial and do not require energy, but the mass changes during takeoff and landing still require energy.

How do aliens solve the energy problem of flying saucers?

When the alien flying saucer takes off from their planet, the flying saucer uses external electric energy or field energy to make the mass of the flying saucer become zero, make the flying saucer in excited state, and then fly away at the speed of light.

When they arrived on Earth, they gradually increased the mass of the flying saucer from zero, but did not need to increase to the original level. Instead, they slightly increased it, such as to one thousandth of a gram, to stop the flying saucer moving at the speed of light.

A flying saucer wants to fly away on Earth again, reducing its mass from one thousandth of a gram to zero without requiring much energy.

In order to save more energy, why not one billionth of a gram? Because it is too close to zero, it is not easy to control the flying saucer from static state to moving state, or the flying saucer mass is too small, it is easy to transition to excited state and move at the speed of light.

This is like a human car being too fast to drive easily. The energy carried by the UFO itself can be nuclear energy, neutron fission, and aggregation energy.