The Hunt
The Hunt
Subject(s): Fiction, Mystery
ISBN 16L00009
 Publication Date
  Pages 24



The story revolves around 5 best friends who consider themselves quite the superheroes. They are in a boarding school in Ooty where they find out about a scandal involving one of their friends and a top authority from their school. How they go about resolving the issue and where life finally takes them is the story.

Rithika, a bookaholic by nature considers books as a way to escape from reality and the constant stress of exams. She feels books are a better way of relaxation than watching television. Her favourite genre is fiction and reads a chapter before the day of her exams just to calm her mind. She urges youngsters to read novels. She says that books make her confident and fluent in English. Her favorites are The Harry Potter series and The Hunger Games. Her favorite authors are Dan Brown, James Patterson, L. J. Smith and John Green. The autobiography of Malala Yousafzai inspired her a lot and made her feel proud to be a girl. She would like to be a renowned author someday and would like to put a smile on the faces of her readers.
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