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How Much of Your Story Can Be Too Much for Your Manuscript

Your book must have the perfect plot. A reader must be able to read what they want from your book, and the details provided should be just enough to help them get what they expect, and nothing more.


A book is said to have too much story if –

 -It completely erases the story’s focus and momentum

 -It includes more back story than the current one

 -The character lives only in the past.


Here are some tips to make your read more worthwhile –

Do not pen too much of your story

The audience does not mind you or your story. Readers are just anxious about where the story will lead them. Some authors write about their lives and personal stories. They go on and on about their anxieties, but no reader is interested to know all that.

If you want to create an impact on your readers, focus on what’s relevant to them. It’s natural to pen down your story at large, but understand that the script is not for you to read and get convinced. It’s for your audience to feel satisfied.

Include sections relevant to the audience

A book with nothing about the author seldom works, but at the same time, your audience will want to read relevant parts.

Readers buy your book because it has knowledge and information that can help solve any problems they may have or acquire something they want. So skim down the parts very mindfully!

Does your story add value to the reader?

If a part of the story adds no value to the reader, it must not be in your book. The understanding is that the readers give you their attention, and you give them the knowledge they find value in

Are sentiments required?

Write an impactful story for your readers that will make them trust you. Your book should not be a place to dump your emotions, but at the same time, your story would be lifeless without it! It is a place to share what you know and not work through things you have not yet processed.

Express your feelings to a relevant extent. Narrate your stories that extract emotion, as this will draw the reader in. People make decisions about changing their life with emotions from stories and examples. You do the same to create a great manuscript!

The more you show your true self, the better your publication will be!