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Uska Vishvas Uski Kismat Uska Vishvas Uski Jeet – Q&A with author Jyoti Sharma

The author Jyoti Sharma is a postgraduate and loves to write quotes, poems, and stories.  Her book is contemporary fiction with romance, love, and mystery.

In our interview with the author, she shares her ideas, feelings, and emotions experienced during the book-writing journey …

Is your book based on a true story?

Well, it is based on events. It is 50% fiction and 50% non-fiction. There’s something about a book based on a true story that captivates readers. 

What is your strength as a writer?

My strength as a writer is my thoughts, my imagination, and my organised writing. It should be easy for the readers to navigate and read the content.

Was the writing process of this book different from your other books?

Yes, certainly. Readers are constantly looking for that new experience or road to success. The books are based on two different angles of life.

Who is the author you admire the most? 

I don’t know if I admire anyone. Not that I don’t want to respect and appreciate anyone; I just never gave it a thought at all.

How would you best describe your book characters?

Populating a work of fiction with carefully described characters imbues a story with life. This story is based on real-life experiences. So, when you read the book, you will be able to know all the characters.

How painful was it for you to write this tragic piece?

It wasn’t painful. It was warming for me. But still, there are a lot of changes that come in life that can make people down. 

Did you always want to be an author, or did it happen by chance?

It happened by chance, but now I want to be an author and a motivational speaker. If you too want to become an author of books, do it because you have a book in you and you think the world will benefit from it, not because you want to make money ...

What do you feel was the most painful scene to write?

I felt terrible writing this scene…When Janvi thought about suicide due to her life’s ups and downs. Nevertheless, it brought tears to my eyes. It gave me pain and shivers down my spine.

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