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Miguel Hernandez- Q&A with author Sanjay Shivaganesh

The author of the book, Sanjay, is imaginative and witty. He is an incredible mix of five spices – charm, intelligence, creativity, language, and energy. His narrative has the power to transport young minds to a bewitching world of sheer awe. Sanjay has a way with words and is a remarkable raconteur. His debut book Miguel Hernandez fits perfectly in the imaginary realm of today’s youth. Miguel is the chosen one to protect the human race from cruel elimination.

In our Q&A session with Sanjay, we will see his incredible book journey…

What inspired you to be a writer at this young age?

Honestly, it was my passion for writing. I loved writing short stories and wanted to go to the next level and publish a novel. I wanted a record of myself to be out there and to be able to call myself an author.

On what basis did you select the names for your characters?

I wanted a diverse set of names because I feel like novels should have some cultural diversity to make the book enjoyable. So, with this in mind, I brainstormed for a while and -tada- found a few names which sounded nice.

Which chapter was the most challenging for you to write?

I would say that it was the third chapter, Guys from the Matrix because that’s where the plot is revealed, and getting the wording and the overall feel of the chapter right was a challenge.

Do you think the imaginary pranks in your story are possible in real school life?

Yeah, I'm sure these pranks are possible with a little ingenuity, time, and luck. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the story has already been done. I, for one, think that pulling a prank like that would be really fun if I didn’t get in trouble aft

Which character of the book do you relate to the most and why?

I’m sure the expected answer would be Miguel, the main character, but I’m really not as brave or good in a crisis a. I can relate to Jack better because we both love to talk. But I feel like I relate the most to Regulus. Even though he is much older than me, he is the knowledgeable and resourceful one, and I think I am both. Regulus also relies on his friends to complete tasks, while also being a key member of the team. All in all, I relate to him the most.

If you had a chance to meet your characters what would you say to them?

There wouldn’t be much to ask of course. I created them so I would know everything about them. I suppose I would ask them how it feels to be in battle. Also, I would ask if I could have a staff or any magical weapon for that matter.

How do you feel seeing your storybook in printed form?

At the beginning of writing this book, holding the printed copy and feeling it in my hands was the whole goal. It’s one of the reasons I started writing. It is a truly exciting and satisfying experience to see your hard work pay off, and manifest itself into a book. It is a feeling that only authors will understand.

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