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Born Optimist, authored by Ramprasad Ramaswamy, was both inspired by his friends and is an accumulation of thoughts turned into a creative and productive manuscript.

Musings and Me is an insightful collection of poems penned by Riddhi Malhotra, who is wise beyond her years.

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Young readers are always eager for new stories and discoveries. Use your creativity to publish a children’s book that will fuel their curiosity, spark their imagination and expand their understanding.

Regardless of the genre you’ve picked, suspense and tension are the strong forces that hook your readers into the story and keep up the interest.

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Short stories need to be short, but they need to be effective.

The name, the fame, and the gameof life --- all boil down to a sad sham amidst the monstrous aftermath of the global Covid pandemic.

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A book that is categorized as a biography, Rafa - My Story is nothing short of a fast-paced thriller.

This story starts off with a young girl called Mariam who is Jalil’s illegitimate daughter and lives with her estranged and embittered mother on the outskirts of Herat.